James Baker is a UK painter, print-maker and designer. His work offers evocative glimpses of an 'other world'. Drawn from a continual response to the visual oddities of globalisation. A world he has entitled Yesyoucanistan, in which he claims to be a visual tourist.

This dystopia of his own creation, references inherent nostalgic notions of travel and global exploration with the bizarre and exhilarating spectacles of globalisation and cultural collusion. A last frontier of the Eastern and Western commercial and cultural invasion.

This dialogue provides a unique vehicle for his progressive and often boombastic practise.. Influenced by the genres of Abstract Expressionism and Pop Abstraction, James Baker mixes their legacy with styles emerging from urban spray can painters. He is a member of the Neo-Celebrationist movemnet. He is unafraid to mix traditional painting and print-making techniques with modern industrial materials and mass-produced objects. Despite only graduating in 2008 James Baker has already been shown across the UK, Australia and in the USA.


January 2012, Summer Exhibition, Buratti Fine Art, Perth, Australia

January 2012, Summer Exhibition, Trafic Jam Galleries, Sydney, Australia

December 2010, Mixed Tape, Raw Galleries,Melbourne, Australia
December 2010, 'One for the Road' Pivotal Galleries, Melbourne, Australia
November 2010, Red Propeller Group Show, Devon, UK
November 2009, 'Correspondence' Solo Show of Mono-prints, Online at Redpropeller.co.uk
September 2009, 'Mash -Media' Three man Show, Weapons of Mass Destruction Gallery, Bristol, UK
May 2009, 'Cruel Britannia' T & P Gallery, Group Show,  Philadelphia, USA                                                
December 2008, '12 Days of Christmas', Steal from Work Gallery, Bristol, UK
December 2008, 'Babylon Academy', S-editions Gallery, London, UK
November 2008, Selected piece for auction by Rough Trade Records, Urban Art Awards, London, UK
October 2008, 'Sub-Urbia', Red propeller Gallery,London, UK
September 2008, 'Red Propeller Group Show', Red Propeller Gallery, Devon, UK
July 2005 - Art Diploma - Distinction New College Nottingham
September 2005- July 2008
1st Degree - BA Hons - Fine Art Painting
Loughborough School of Art and Design
Loughborough, UK
Nottingham, UK
Work in Private Collections
UK, Denmark, Japan, Ireland, Italy, Switzerland, USA